“ An investment in knowledge pays the best interest ”

-Benjamin Franklin

  • In this rapid changing world of competition, it is always good to keep yourself updated with the latest updated skills.
  • We at Unicorn Insight help you to get those extra skills which will make you stand apart from the crowd.
  • We provide soft skills, leadership training and communication combining the techniques of both east and the west
  • We also have expertise in motivation talks and coaching both corporates and individuals.
  • In addition offer tailor made workshops in the field of skills and communications

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Unicorns are mystical creatures who are full of knowledge and wisdom. The Unicorn represents the knowledge, insight, wisdom and learning

Unicorn Insight was started by former investment banker Ashwini Chube. After pursuing an MBA in finance and working for 8 years in investment banking in Mumbai and for a very short period in London ,Ashwini decided to start on her own and follow her passion in training and motivational speaking and at the same time leveraging her corporate experience gained in the finance industry.Ashwini holds a masters degree in Commerce and an MBA in finance and is a Dale Carnegie certified corporate trainer as well as a spiritual coach and writer

Unicorn insight is built up on the strong foundation of passion for people and knowledge

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We aim at providing trainings , motivational talks and coaching to individuals as well as corporates.

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Dear Worry , Let us break-up

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Upcoming Programs

  • Launch Yourself : The Big Corporate Leap
  • Find Your Ikigai

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We are primarily based in Mumbai , India with a presence for most corporates as well as individuals.We would be happy to reach out to you and provide training services