The Wizarding world of Ashwini Chube

Ashwini Chube ‘eats sleeps drinks access consciousness’ is what her family – clients and friends say. The access consciousness revolution has transformed her life at all levels

Ashwini  discovered Access Consciousness in 2016 . Her first Access Bars class “blew away her mind” according to her. Eventually post the Access foundation -The choice of possibilities with Gary Douglas- Access Body class and many more classes later Ashwini chose to become an Access Consciousness facilitator to share the magical possibilities and ease joy glory of life with anyone and everyone who chooses it

Before getting introduced to access consciousness Ashwini believed life was linear which means there is always a cause and effect and things will only happen linearly and logically. But thanks to these pragmatic tools of access consciousness which has helped her reprogram my belief system in such a manner that magic and miracles have become a way of life.

Ashwini is 

Access Bars Facilitator

Access Body Process Facilitator

Access Body Process Practitioner

Access Facelift Practitioner

CFMW (yes Certified F* Miracle Worker) & Introductory Class Facilitator

Ashwini has facilitated more than 20 Access Bars classes since 2017 with 55 + participants so far and it has created magic possibilities and so much transformation for them. People have created so much post Access sessions and classes from getting better or overseas jobs, bigger houses, moving cities, finding relationships and conceiving babies to getting out of debt, overcoming addictions, getting out of depression and overcoming suicidal thoughts.

In 2022 she began facilitating access introductory classes as a CFMW-Money Class – Relationship Class and many more. Her money classes are super duper hit and people have seen miraculous shifts right from receiving refunds recoveries from nowhere to promotions bonuses increments and money in all forms

Her knack of facilitating Access Classes have impacted people not just in Mumbai India – but also in Hyderabad, Delhi , Singapore, UK , Australia and USA

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