In all the world there is no heart like yours, In all the world there is no love for you like mine ……. 

Maya Angelou

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Unicorn Insight also provides support for those seeking help on their Twin Flame journey

Twin Flame is your spiritual partner. They may have incarnated on earth at the same time as you or may be in the higher realms .Twin Flame is the other part of your soul. It is the Yin to your Yang, the Shiva to your Shakti, the Purusha to your Prakriti. They are almost like your mirror. Twin Flame is composed of the divine masculine and its corresponding feminine energy

You can know more about Twin flames through an article written by our founder Dr Ashwini

Services Available

  1. Twin Flame Coaching
  2. Immediate Support & Trigger Support /Upheaval Support
  3. Spiritual Counselling
  4. Card reading & divinations
  5. Channeling messages from your Twin Flame’s Higher Self
  6. Akashic Record Clearing
  7. Karma Releasing with Ascension tools
  8. Cross Dimensional and Intergalactic Healing

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