About Us

Unicorn insight is built up on the strong foundation of passion to transform lives of every individual –from children to parents, youths to corporate employees & leaders, athletes to coaches. Our workshops, trainings, counselling sessions are designed to bring the best out of every person and push them towards highest version of themselves. We provide continuous support through customized help group plans and programs.

The brands we serve through are Urja Wellness and Joy, Unicorn, Zest, Chrysalis & Ignite.

Urja Wellness and Joy

  • This brand offers spiritual healing, mind training and counseling services
  • Intention is to create awareness of ancient spiritual practices to bring ease and peace in fast paced modern life, to spread hope and positivity
  • To teach simple and practical ways to implement these techniques to improve quality of day to day lives


  • This brand offers transformational training services and support to corporate
  • Intention is to bring change in every employee in order to bring transformation in the organization


  • Intention of this brand is to contribute to the mental, emotional and spiritual growth of kids
  • Conduct workshops, arrange tours, camps and activities for kids


  • This brand offers support system to youth by offering trainings, counseling, placement services etc
  • Intention is to guide them to right path on all aspects of life – career, money, relationships, health and motivate them to achieve greatness in life


  • Intention of this brand is to create support system for Sports Industry – coaches, officials, sports parents and sportsmen/women
  • Conduct NLP and creative visualization trainings for coaches and sportsmen/women
  • Organize events and talks