To Create a New Reality, Start with Healing

  Creating a new reality and changing the results we experience in life begins with a deep transformation within ourselves. The process is interconnected, starting with our emotions and ultimately shaping our external reality. Here’s a breakdown of this transformative journey: 1. Heal Yourself from Past Emotions :The foundation of changing your reality lies in healing past emotional wounds. Sadness, grief, pain, and suffering from past experiences can hold us back. Unresolved emotions often lead to negative thought patterns and behaviors. Why It Matters: Healing past emotions allows you to release emotional baggage, fostering a healthier mindset. How to Heal: Practices like therapy, journaling, mindfulness, and energy healing (such as Reiki) can facilitate emotional healing. 2. Change Your Emotions Emotions are the driving force behind our thoughts. By healing past emotional wounds, you create space for positive emotions to flourish, which in turn influences your thoughts. Why It Mat




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